The elephant is nature's greatest masterpiece and the only harmless great thing. This regal pachyderm represents family, intelligence and strength. One of the goals of Tusk and Ivory INTL is to preserve the life of the elephant in it's natural environment. Secondly, to stop the senseless slaughter of this great creature, and to prevent its body parts from being sold on the black market. Tusk and Ivory Intl is glad to have partnered with WildlifeDirect. They are based in Nairobi Kenya, Yes Africa. We will be donating 5% of the proceeds from all sales to WildlifeDirect. Please visit WildlifeDirect.org to see what they're doing on the front-lines for the fight for wildlife and humanity. We'll also be educating people about the atrocities that are happening to elephants every day. We plan to get this message out to all four corners of the globe. 

Facts you may not have known!

1. African Elephants as an adult go though six sets of teeth in a live time. African Elephants can live up to seventy years of age.
2. Most older elephants die due to years of grinding their teeth causing them to starve to death. Bull elephants stay with the herd until about 12-15 years of age.
3. There are three types of elephants, Savannah, Forest, and Asian Elephants. The herds are lead by the oldest female known as the Matriarch. A Matriarch can have up to ten baby elephants in her life time. 
4. The gestation period last for 22 months during the rainy season. 
5. Having twin calves is rare, at birth calves weight 200lbs to 250lbs. They have no mouth muscle tone. 
6. It takes several months for calves to gain full control of their trunks. Elephants has 150,000 muscle between their mouth and trunk.
7. Elephants have great since of smell. They can hear up to 6.2 miles or 10 kilometers. This compensates for their bad eyesight.
8. In Kenya there are three National Reserve Parks, The Shimba Hills, Maasai Mara, and Amboseli. 
9. Older male and female elephants are targets for their tusks. If a baby elephant does not have a surrogate mother or is not rescued in time it will eventually die.
10. 96 Elephants a day/33,000 a year are being killed by poachers for their tusk. The majority of poachers are Africans. Most Ivory is being shipped to Asia.

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